About Us

The solution of all your service sector problems has now taken a name - FingrSnap. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, courteous, and effective services. Our main motto is to take care of your comfort and peace of mind. We are a one stop remedy for all your worries. The institution does not need any introduction in the field of elite services like photography, event planning, Guitar Trainer, Dance Trainer, Tutor, repair, maintenance and many more, not only all the services are easily accessible to one and all but also the services we provide are unmatched in every aspect.

FingrSnap is bliss for people who seek comfort and believe in smart work. Just run fingers on your mobile screen and give us your troubles, we make sure on promised time a serviceman knocks at your door with immediate actionable remedy for your problem , hence they call us FingrSnap because it is as easy as snap of a finger. Say goodbye to hassles and hello to relaxing as now you can experience a star like treatment sitting at your home.

Just call 08585-932020 and find us fixing your problems within a few minutes.

Why Us

For life as easy as clicking a number and for comfort as alluring as lying on your bed.

FingrSnap is a panacea for your entire list of service related issues, the institution does not need any introduction in the field of services like photography, event planning, repair and maintenance and many more.

You just need to dial 08585-932020, no matter what solution or service you require it would be carried out in no more time than 2 hours.

Our skilled experts are knowledgeable and equipped with the latest tools required to gain optimal results.

Not only the experts are polite but also they get the job done with utmost perfection.

The services we provide are unmatched in every aspect.

The remarkable success ratio of more than 80% satisfied costumers enables us to enjoy the goodwill that we have in the market.

We provide priority scheduling i.e. if you have an emergency, we have your back. Whenever you need us, we will put you at the top of the list.

We allot our expert to costumer at 1:1 ratio i.e. every customer gets a devoted and true to end expert for their problem.

We save your time so you can give it to your beloved ones and enjoy a fuss free life.

We cut down on your efforts so you can invest them in more important tasks which mean more to you than worrying for services.

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